Photo of Mr Akinreti’s blog practical class.

It was yet another motivating class with mr Akinreti. As now gave the class the privilege of being a blog owner.

Mr Akinreti, told the class to open a blog nd post a story on it. Which was also the idea of teaching the students how to post and do some necessary things which is required to be done on the blog.

Students who were able to get the message or let me say who were privileged to have data on their smarts phones, finished their work immediately and showed it to him. While others will wait for the next lecture because of time.

Mr Akinreti’s class has done so many changes to the way we think and do things as an upcoming journalist. IMG_20170316_111819


Photo of Mr Akinreti’s second lecture with nd2.

The lecture today is on how to open a blog and how to upload videos, pictures, and audio online.

Today’s class has really opened my eye to know how to upload pictures on my blog site

Online journalism is really pushing away the traditional journalism because it’s very fast to get feedback in online journalism..

Blogging has really made information to be passed to millions of people in a fast way so far you have internet…

Without internet its really hard to practise online journalism or be a blogger…

So also without good devices like expensive phones,laptops,ipads..its really had to pratise online journalism or be a blogger or own a blog..

With good environment, good devices, good editorials and good power supply it is very easy to practise online journalism or be a blogger…

To be a good online journalists or a blogger you must be able to write catchy headlines to attractive people and for to have people to view your blog you must tell people about your blog…IMG_20170316_111819


On the 13th of April 2016, the student of nd2 of the Nigerian institute of journalism had a motivational class with Mr quasim.
The lecture which started in exactly 8 o’clock in the morning took a great length to inspire and also impact knowledge on the students.

Mr. Quasim, who happened to be the online journalism lecturer, taught the students how to create and manage a blog.  And also how to use it to promote their career.

Most of the students he taught which now are now making it through the idea he impacted on them said “he is the best blog lecturer they had and prayed God strengthens him to continue his good lecture. IMG_20170316_111819