On the 10th of june, 2017 marks the day when the National diploma two of the Nigerian institute of journalism, to prove everything they have learnt on the course ‘online journalism’ taught by Mr. Quasim Akinreti. 

The students who were taught everything and also give every steps on how to create and own a blog, will now have to give in return all they have learnt in this semester as a result of Examination. 

Mr. Quasim told the students before this day, that he will allow the students to make use of the gadget to enable the write a story in the examination hall and later post it on their blog for assessment and recording. 

Students are now in the hall, typing stories while others who were unable or having issue creating their blogs then may now find it difficult to gain from the marks others are benefiting from. 

Online journalism has being a great course in this semester, because I’m a proud owner of this blog, and now i can pass vital information to people all over and also market products. 


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